About Amrutvahini MBA College

Student Development Programmes

AIMBA exerts development programmes to effectively changes student's attitude, perception and personality. It enhances the functional orientation of the students and transforms them into visionary and competent business leaders.
All these sessions are hands-on, informative and practical activities with a focus on topics like Leadership, Team Building Skills, Performance Management, Critical Thinking Abilities and Problem Solving. The objective of this programme is to transform students from "employee" to "potential asset" for company. These development sessions infuses students' with Entrepreneurial Qualities, Innovation potential, vision, analysis and opportunity Identification. Learning takes place through diverse exercises such as Case studies, industry training, group discussions, seminars and workshops.
All the mentioned sessions are conducted by highly experienced industry representatives who have better understanding employers needs and knows what prospective employees look for in employees. Following initiatives are carried out at AIMBA for holistic development of our students.

Training and Development

Competitions and Activities