About Amrutvahini MBA College

Directors Desk

Dear Students,
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
- Mahatma Gandhi
Learning is all about change. The change for better. Let me initially congratulate you for showing your keen interests in management education. We at AIMBA, extend a very warm welcome to you, as an aspirant of management studies. You have taken the first step in a right direction. You have dreams and aspirations. Now you wish to convert this dream into reality. With your support and co-operation, we help you to realize your dreams.
our's is 24 years old management Institute established in 1995 and offering post graduate management education since its inception. In this highly turbulent and dynamic business environment, the industry expectations are changing at a rapid pace. Hence imparting management education which accepts the challenges of the changing business needs become highly important. We at AIMBA, created the stimulating and challenging learning environment which helps in creating industry ready students with right attitude, knowledge and skills.
We at AIMBA, believes in Learning by Doing. The best learning always comes through failure. Managing failures offers the greatest learning experience. Hence, we at AIMBA encourages holistic development of its students by encouraging them to take part in extracurricular activities, contests and competitions held by industry as well as by other business schools. AIMBA has an emphasis on experiential learning, team work and leadership. It believes in the fact that the theoretical discussions and cases discussed in the class room must be supplemented by actually experiencing the knowledge given, by going into the field. It therefore, pays appropriate emphasis on projects and assignments, experience sharing by the guest faculty, both from industry and from academia to supplement the classroom discussions.
The faculty members at AIMBA have a rich blend of academic and corporate experience and thus use the teaching pedagogy, which help you visualize the management concept for application in corporate world. The mentoring process adopted by the faculty mentors helps you introspect for your strengths and area of interest to further improve your place-ability score.
Corporate resource cell at AIMBA ensure the best corporate interface to expose students to the various activities of the corporate world, be it related to knowledge, skill or attitude
If you are considering us as a potential student of management education, you should be aware that the learning process at AIMBA is challenging, exciting and ultimately rewarding.
I assure that your two years journey in AIMBA for a Post Graduate Course in Management would be adding different dimension to your life and provide distinctive edge over the other management graduates.
With best regards,